Passion for Golf in Mallorca and Europe

We are a golfing club in Palma de Mallorca and want to offer you general information and resources about this beautiful sport, for everyone that is considering to join the golfing community.

Golfing is not a competition sport like others, as you are competing against yourself, always trying to improve your handicap. Patience is key with golfing, as it´s learning curve is very gradual, we recommend you to be taught by someone to start diving into the sport.

Golfing is a precision sport, and as you should already know, the aim is to land the ball in holes that are distributed in the field, with as few strokes as possible. Different clubs are to be used accordingly to the distance the ball is to the hole.

So, in a nutshell, long clubs are meant for the ball to travel longer distances, while short clubs are preferable for shorter distances. Most golf clubs are made of metal nowadays, although they were historically made of hardwood.

As for the golfing field, contrarily to other sports, it doesn't have a standardized surface distance. A regular golf course consists of 18 holes, or 9 holes played twice. It is usually very broad. The fields were traditionally made of natural soil and sand from beaches, but nowadays they are mostly made with different levels of grass, depending on the difficulty of the hole.

It´s a sport for all audiences, it is not an exclusive game anymore, as it has become less and less expensive to play as people started to join the golfing community.

There are also many golfing fields in Spain that are open to the public and do not require a members fee, and you can practice there for a very reduced price. You can also start golfing in some private courts, where you can practice the different kinds of swing.

How to start playing golf in Spain

To start playing golf in Spain as an amateur, you will need to be licensed by the "Real Federación Española de Golf," to be insured on any accidents that could occur in any approved golfing field. The Federation regulates all the Spanish golfing areas and also registers the player´s handicaps.
You can start processing your license now in their website.

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